X Factor: How The Cowell Saved Xmas

December 16, 2009 by  
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SimonCowellHuman thundercloud Simon Cowell has claimed that he’s saved the Christmas charts.

He told the NME “”I think we all have this belief that the Christmas number one was just amazing songs, but actually when you look at them over recent years it was Bob The Builder, Mr Blobby, there’s a tradition of quite horrible songs. I think I’ve done everyone a favour.”

Actually, Bob The Builder and Mr Blobby are the only two novelty songs to have hit the Christmas number one spot in the last 15 years.

Do you not remember Gary Jules’ Mad World? Or Earth Song? Or when the Spice Girls has three Xmas number ones in a row…actually, that’s probably not helping…

I’m not so sure replacing one set of horrible songs with another is really doing us all a favour Simon.

Still, when the X Factor machine starts its relentless march, even the most credible pop songs will be steam-rolled into the dirt. Happy Christmas everybody!