Justin Lee Collins Interview: Heads Or Tails

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jlcIt’s a shame that Justin Lee Collins was so good at comedy and presenting TV shows because we doubt there has ever been a person more suitable for a part in The Lion King musical.

But after shunning the West End, the hairiest man since the last Wolverine film was in cinemas is back on TV with a new gameshow called Heads or Tails. We’re told it could be ‘even better’ than Deal or No Deal, but as JLC will be hosting and not Noel Edmonds, we took that as red.

Although we remember him best from The Friday Night Project, the Bring Back… series and The Justin Lee Collins Show, on Thursday he will be attempting a Guinness World Record for the most coins tossed simultaneously (seriously) to promote upcoming game show.

We caught up with him last week to chat about Alan Carr, wrestling transvestites and of course – his hair.

Hi Justin, how are you this morning?

I’m very well thank you – it’s a wonderful, crisp Christmas morning!

Tell us about your guinness world record attempt, ‘The Big Flip’ and how you came up with the idea?

The idea was suggested to me and I thought it was wonderful and embraced it. Come along to Covent Garden next Thursday with a coin and we’ll all flip together for a world record this Christmas! There’s £1000 up for grabs as well. It’s going to be massive! It’s a simple task, no-one’s going to get gunked or be involved in any unpleasantness.

Tell us about your new game show, Heads or Tails.

I’m really excited about it. I’ve worked on game show pilots before but this is the first that’s actually going to be on telly. Everything rests on the flip of a coin. On a screen are different amounts of money, ranging from £100 to £100,000 and four life lines which we hide behind 20 numbered coins. There’s one question, ‘Heads or tails?’ You have 12 flips to find as much ‘big money’ and as many ‘lives’ as possible, then at the end of the game you can walk away with your prize fund, or gamble by doubling your money at the flip of a coin, all the way up to one million pounds. What I love about it is that it’s gimmic free, and in between there’s a lot of chat and surprise guests.

You’re famous for reuniting major TV stars in your ‘Bring Back…’ series. What was your favourite show and do you keep in touch with any of the cast?

Bring Back Fame was my absolute favourite. And I’m still in touch with Warrick Davis – he played an Ewok in Return of the Jedi (Bring Back Star Wars). He’s a lovely guy, I still get texts from him from time to time. I would dearly love to have Mr. T and J.R Ewing in my phone book, but unfortunately I don’t!

On the Justin Lee Collin’s Show, who was the best and worst guest you’ve had?

My favourite was probably McFly, they were wonderful. And Davina McCall, I absolutely adore her. From the show she kindly agreed to be a guest host on The Friday Night Project – I literally fell in love with her. The one that wasn’t quite so good was Alexander Armstrong. At one point he got his mobile phone out and took a picture of me and ‘tweeted’ it in the middle. He did it as part of the interview but it didn’t quite work.

You’ve said that your colleague, Alan Carr, is the funniest person you know. What’s the best experience you’ve had working with him?

Oh my goodness, there’s so many, but they’re probably all unprintable! Alan Carr is one of my best friends. It was on The Friday Night Project where we really bonded. I’ve spend three and a half years working with him and we won’t be recording that anymore, but we’ll always remain friends. There are simply too many moments to mention!

Be honest – who’s the better chat show host?

Alan Carr, in a heartbeat.

Your show for Sky 1 in August saw you become a wrestler, surfer and ballroom dancer among others. Are there any you’d give up the day job for?

Musical theatre. The West End film where I auditioned for Chicago and got the part of Amos Hart was the best thing I’ve ever done. It was the best working experience of my life. I would certainly give up my television career for it, in fact, I may in two or three years time for musical theatre. Broadway, here I come! What I definitely won’t be giving up the day job for is Mexican wrestling. I have no desire to enter a ring and wrestle a transvestite ever again!

Do you have any top hair tips?

That’s a great question, I love talking about products. First of all – don’t use hairspray! If you’re using hairspray, stop. Stop it right now. Also, anyone out there who’s still using a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner, stop what you’re doing. Always use a separate conditioner and leave it in for a good five minutes.

Finally Justin, are you worth it?
Yes I am – one hundred per cent!

Heads or Tails: The Big Flip will take place at 10am, Thursday 17th December, 2009. See the Channel 5 website for more details.

PHIL says:

The previous writer Mark has obviously been on the xmas ale early!!!!.Ive not seen JLC do a bad programme yet.Admittedly, although the “Bring Backs” will always be his finest hours,we have to try him on different things now that the “Projects” wont be coming back.JLC FOR PRIME MINISTER as far as im concerned!!!!!!!!

mark says:

The show is a great!! Tne presenter is an embarrasment!! He always looks nervous and never smiles! always frowns! and holds the contestants hands to make them feel at ease but hes doing it more for himself..The show is great, but im sorry he, Justin is not upto the job and makes me feel uncomfortable to watch but it’s crash TV at it’s best with Justin in the hot seat!

I loved all his other shows except when he had his own talk show!,,Again, hes not cut out for this type of work!