Jeremy Kyle Show Banned From Hospitals

December 16, 2009 by  
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jeremy-kyle-pic-dm-983437491King of smarm Jeremy Kyle has been banned from two NHS hospitals! Considering many people’s long-held desire to put him in one, we find this more than a little bit ironic.

According to The Mirror, public TV sets in the University Hospital Aintree and Walton Hospital in Liverpool will be permanently switched to BBC1 after several complaints from patients.

“Patients have a right to a calm atmosphere. Some will be very apprehensive in waiting rooms and we have to be sensitive to how they feel,” explained a spokeswoman.

“It was the constant arguing between guests on the show which was upsetting people, some of whom were ill and did not appreciate the bickering,” said a source.

ITV reportedly described the decision as “entirely a matter for the trust”.