Jamie’s Family Christmas Review: Pukka

December 15, 2009 by  
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5oliver300JAMIE’S FAMILY CHRISTMAS: Tuesday 15th December, Channel 4, 8pm ALERT ME

Less sweary than Ramsay and less soft-porn than Nigella, over the last couple of years, we reckon Jamie Oliver has become the king of the television cooking.

So we were obviously well pleased to hear that the naked chef (how long ago was that?!) will be wazzing things up and harvesting his herb garden to bring us his best Christmas cooking this week.

As ever, his recipes are ‘pukka’ but we were left a bit mystified by the inclusion of his family. We haven’t got a problem with Jools, and his baby is very cute, but listening to her cry as we try to note down his method for “the best gravy in the world” ™ took a bit of getting used to.

However Jamie is very right, this is the time to (spend time/argue)* with your family and there is a particular highlight when he cooks a bit of gammon with his short but sweet nan.

He was much politer to her than he was to his cheeky younger sister who helped him cook a curry, but it didn’t really matter because we still got all that good stuff that comes out of Oliver’s kitchen anyway.

The colloquialisms flow and before you can say “I’m really proud of that” we’re being bombarded with festive food advice.

I have never cooked a roast dinner in my life, but watching Oliver move around the kitchen is a very cosy experience – especially at this time of year – and after all he’s such a natural.

Sean Marland