Glee – Sneak Peek Review: Freaking Alright

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GLEE – SNEAK PEEK: Tuesday 15th December, E4, 9pm ALERT ME

Apparently, glee is about opening yourself up to joy…

The intro to this High School Musical meets Britain’s Got Talent musical comedy illustrates this fact by hurling out enthusiastic cheerleaders, zany camera angles and the classic ‘Look back, shades removal, hip quip’ set-up, all within the first 60 seconds. This cacophony of colour may be big, but is it at all clever?

If you’ve spent time wondering how to make the perfect latte or what the metaphorical meaning of a gold star next to your name was – then yes. But perhaps the only line that holds substance is Disney-esque, “the only life worth living is one you’re really passionate about.?

For Glee club member Rachel this is more of a masochistic mantra – she uploads one MySpace video a day of her singing, inviting encouraging comments such as, ‘I want to scratch your eyes out’ and ‘Please get sterilized.’ Kids can be so cruel, especially in the wavery world of the internet. But Rachel, while possessing a mediocre voice, is a walking metaphor for High School Musical 2. This is not a good thing.

“How am I gonna get these kids motivated?? fellow misguided protagonist and leader of Glee Club William thinks ironically in bed. It’s not motivation they need, dear Will, but talent. The pilot sees him get into a right tizzy over all this, made worse by his marital problems he shares with anyone who’ll listen. Although with a girlfriend who half-threatens murder when he buys her the wrong sandwich, you can’t really blame him.

Auditions get underway and with them come a theatre-load of stereotypes, from the awkward nerd with glasses to the angst-ridden outsider. “High school is a class system, kids fall into certain slots,? Will’s colleague reinforces.

Classifying the Glee club ‘sub-basement,’ Will starts loitering around the sports showers to find a cool kid to up his street cred, eventually overhearing a football jock singing passionately into a bar of soap. The result is said footballer lying to his friends about his dirty secret, redeeming himself as a ‘good guy’ and, oh… you’ve seen it all before.

The end performance (like you didn’t see that coming) is such a good rendition of ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ that William decides his passion lies with ‘Glee’ once and for all (and after being counselled by a woman who’s into the right sandwiches). Although if he’d heard Joe McElderry’s version he might have given up the day job.

Full of stereotypes and deluded children in search of fame? Most definitely. A feel-good bubblegum TV show you can do your homework to? Quite possibly. Either way there’s a 22 part series coming up, so set up your Sky Plus box or run a mile. And… Action.

Emma Rink