Move Like Michael Jackson – Audition Review: Jacko Factor

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3jacko300MOVE LIKE MICHAEL JACKSON – AUDITION: Monday 14th December, BBC3, 9.30pm ALERT ME

X Factor may have finished but reality-talent heads needn’t worry because there are a couple of programmes that look set to jump into the Simon Cowell shaped vacuum left in our TV schedules.

Davina McCall’s Got To Dance has promised big things for the new year but at the minute it’s Michael Jackson who is trying to grab us by the channel changers.

We say Michael Jackson, of course we mean Reggie Yates (with a little bit of help from Jackson’s choreographers Lavelle Smith Jr and Mark Summers). Either way, the hunt to find the best MJ inspired dance act in Britain is on and the prize is a place performing at next summers Jackson memorial concert.

Despite being told that judges aren’t looking for imitations, hordes of rhythmless doppelgangers turn up and dance like they’re not in public.

One middle-aged woman in particular seems to be enjoying herself despite her rubbishness, but on the whole most of the show is dedicated to the better contestants. Boo…

There are a lot of talented hopefuls to fit in though and some auditionees – including an excellent Indian classical dancer who makes it through by Bollywooding to ‘Jam’ – innovate impressively.

Mark Summers (who bears more than a passing resemblance to Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno) clearly fancies himself as the next SiCo and he uses the phrase ‘raise your game’ and ‘if you can’t cut it’ on a regular basis.

Soundbytes aside, after the public auditions a select group of acts are called back to fight it out for a place in tomorrow’s studio semi-finals.

While all this is going on in London, poor old Reggie Yates has been sent off to LA finding out how Jacko learned all his moves.

Get back here Yates…