X Factor: Cowell’s Rage At Facebook Campaign

December 11, 2009 by  
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ZachFlat-haired, sour-faced egomaniac Simon Cowell has hit back against a campaign created by Facebook users.

Cowell said in a recent press conference that Jon Morter’s group “Rage Against The Machine For Christmas No. 1” was a “cynical campaign geared at me. It’s stupid. Me having a No. 1 record at Christmas is not going to change my life. It does however change those guys’ lives”

Geared at him? Methinks Simon’s missing the target of the group. Perhaps they don’t want manufactured karaoke crap in the charts at Christmas time? And people do have a choice, it’s not like they’ll do anything you tell them to…oh wait…

The irony is that Rage Against The Machine would probably balk at the idea. Fight the power by buying a single of band that hated capitalism…er… Not that we wouldn’t rather be rocking this Xmas than nodding along to the inevitable X Factor drone.