‘Simpsons’ Mr Burns Wins Votes In New York Election

December 8, 2009 by  
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MrBurns2300We all know that America will elect pretty much anyone to public office (we’re looking at you Arnie) but this news story comes so far from the left field that it is nearly back in the right field.

Fictional Simpsons character Montgomery Burns reportedly earned close to 10% of the write-in votes in the recent New York City Mayoral race.

The famous tycoon received 27 out of 299 postal votes in the November election according to Popeater.

We dread to think what Mr Burns policies might have included, but his maniacal bid to block out the sun might have been popular with global warming activists. Or maybe not.

New Yorkers also cast votes for other fictional characters, including Alfred E. Newman of Mad magazine, Mickey Mouse and Sleeping Beauty.

Howard Stern and Derek Jeter also received write-in votes. The decidedly less exciting Mayor Michael Bloomberg won a third term.