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4Russell+Brand+Skinned300RUSSELL BRAND – SKINNED: Tuesday 8th December, Channel 4, 10pm ALERT ME

Remember that weird bloke who used to present Big Brother’s Little Brother?

Well the Daily Mail sure do – they managed to sell several hundred thousand newspapers off the back of him last year.

Of course all the stories were about as impartial as a Muslim fundamentalist with tourettes, but Mr Brand issued a heartfelt apology for his role in leaving a rude message on Andrew Sachs’ answerphone. Nearly…

A year later, and despite middle-England’s furrowed eyebrows, the Essex stand-up’s star has continued to rise. Love him or loathe him, you can’t argue that he is quite a character.

Yet in this documentary-slash-interview with Frank Skinner, viewers are taken further into Russell’s crazy world than even the most nimble paparazzo has yet managed. He talks about his drug addiction: “I used to think I liked to be alone, but in reality I just liked to be absolutely wasted,” and then takes us home to visit his mum.

We see old footage of a less-mentally barnetted Brand performing in a London pub and follow him around on tour in America (where we aren’t surprised to learn that some Yanks actually quite like the man who cussed Dubya so famously).

But this programme is not simply an hour of Skinner fawning upon the chest-baring comedian, it shows fans how his act – and dress sense – has developed over the last few years, and gives us a real insight to that flambouyant thought process of his. It will come as no surprise to his fans that he is pleased (and not short of adjectives) to explain himself.

And then he starts talking about Manuel-gate…

“Everyone else was saying to me, ‘s**t this is really going mental’ and I just felt like, yeah it’s quite exciting isn’t it – I was in the wrong though…”

A must-see for any fans of the Brand.

Sean Marland

speakeasy says:

This really was a must-see. An awesome insight into eccentric Brand.