Deal Or No Deal: In For A Penny…

December 8, 2009 by  
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corinnenewsbigDeal Or No Deal contestant Corinne was heartbroken at the weekend after making an agonising choice which left her to decide between two boxes, one of which contained £250,000 and the other which contained just 1p.

Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on her side as she flipped the lid to reveal the penny prize.

As you can see even the cameraman had a few tears in his eyes, yet Edmonds remains as upbeat as ever. Where’s the empathy?

The retired dressmaker from Staffordshire would have used the top prize money to buy a 1920 straight eight Bentley which would have cost £200,000.

It’s the first time a play like that has been made on a live show, with the Banker offering a record £88,000 pay out for the box.

Corinne is now the 26th member of the so called “1p club” – those contestant who have gone home with just a penny.

She plans to make the penny into a pendant to remind her of the time she had on the show. Not so she can stare at it wordlessly for hours at a time then as it reminds her of shattered dreams, no sir…