Man On Earth Review: Spinning, And Out Of Control

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5tony300MAN ON EARTH: Monday 7th December, Channel 4, 9pm ALERT ME

We all know the causes of climate change right?

Us humans have boiled too many kettles and drilled for too much oil and now – so the politicians say – the Earth needs payback.

Well, like all dogmatic claims these days, there is an increasing scepticism about the causes of climate change and a growing feeling that any climate taxes are merely cynical examples of politicians profiteering (perish the thought!)

Here Tony Robinson’s new program Last Man on Earth joins the discussion. The hapless Baldrick has his Time Team hat firmly in place for this show which aims to examine the validity of the environmental scaremongering.

The show takes an archaeological and anthropological look back at the history of climate change. What the evidence points towards could be both revelatory and potentially hugely damaging for the current green movement.

Starting in Ethiopia at the very dawn of civilisation and moving right through to the post-Neanderthal era, the first episode shows that mankind has lived through great climate changes, from mass drought and global warming to freezing temperatures and huge ice ages.

Amazingly none of this appears to be down to too many air miles or cows farting.

No, instead what we see is evidence of weather cycles that over thousands of years alter the face of the planet on a grand scale.

Whether this program will maintain throughout that humans are not even so much as an exacerbating factor in climate change or that it will revert to established theories it highlights key problems the green police will have to overcome if they are to win the debate.

Ultimately though the potentially good news that human’s haven’t destroyed the earth pales into insignificance when considering what the shows alternate view is, that the world is changing on a much larger scale than we really understand and have absolutely no control over.

Oh well, at least there still plenty to watch on the box…..

Wayne Storr

Frank Wood says:

This climate change lark is another excuse to raise taxes. How can money make a climate change?. Very soon the UK population will reach 74 million, how much CO gases will that cause and what is being done about it?. Re the Copenhagen conference, is it not just another excuse to waffle on without achieving anything?. How much will this conference cost the taxpayer?. How many wives, partners and other hangers-on will be at the conference?. Will it be cost effective?. Who are these 200 countries?. How many cannot afford to toe the line on climate change?.
History repeats itself and the world will always expect a climate change and there is nothing that can change it. Has the world moved on its axis?.

Syd Gage says:

God knows how many times Global Warming and Climate Change were mentioned in this 60min program. And not a single mention of CO2 or even a hint at how all these temperature changes happened long before cars, planes and man made polution arrived! There were lots of warnings about Climate Change just about killing us off though…coincidence that Copenhangen is in the news just now trying to “save the world” eh!