I’m A Celebrity: “Rats Animal Cruelty Gino…”

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IAC-GINO-D-ACAMPO-09-114938_LI’m A Celebrity winner Gino D’Acampo and Stuart Manning have reportedly been charged with animal cruelty by the Australian RSPCA after they killed and ate a rat.

Apparently the wildlife-loving Aussies were angered when the celebrity chef and the ex-Hollyoaks star beheaded the rodent before feeding it to their campmates.

We think Kim might have tasted a bit nicer…

The News of The World today claimed that the two were arrested immediately after the end of filming and the animal rights body have seized tapes from producers so they can “investigate the rat’s death”.

“There were rats used for the bushtucker trials and they were as tame as hamsters,” a source said. “They were used to human contact and not afraid like wild ones who would run away. The killing made for dramatic TV. But it’s likely the animal was one of the trial rats.”

Meanwhile, D’Acampo, who was previously jailed for nicking guitars from Paul Young’s home, was reportedly worried that he wouldn’t be able to leave the country.

“Gino was detained so long his family, including his two young boys, had to travel back to the hotel without him,” a source claimed. “He has previous convictions and is terrified of getting into more trouble with the authorities. But police say now he is free to go home.”

D’Acampo and Manning have allegedly been told to appear in court on February 3. If sentenced, they could face up to three years in jail.

Wouldn’t that make good TV…

ab says:

I don’t see how the whole show is not seen as animal cruelty. Hundreds of animals/insects are killed or harmed on that show for ‘entetainment’ and I don’t think that it should be allowed, the show would still be as successful without the eating trails! This was the production teams fault as they gave them the go-ahead to kill and eat the rat. I’m not sure if the blame should be placed on Gino and Stuart but I believe it high time that the show got some stick for the way it treats animals.But yes it has annoyed me that the rat was killed for entertainment purposes as rats are lovely creatures – yes I do own pet rats – and I am a Veggie so I do not agree with many aspects of the show

A Smart says:

I stopped watching this programme a few years ago because of the cruelty to insects, animals etc. It is just gratuitous and unnecessary and a shame that the masses find it entertaining. Quite an indictment of the human race really. The scary thing is that each year has to be more ‘entertaining’ than the last for this show, like so many others. So what will be eaten alive next year I wonder?

dan says:

its a fukin rat

Me says:

Okay, so he killed and ate a rat, which may not be a good thing BUT… why is that any different to killing and eating a live witchitygrub etc. Loads of live creatures were eaten in this series, so what is so different about the rat? And if it was a trial rat that was tame, then surely it was the fault of the production company for allowing it free to wander and be caught by hungry humans.

C Simmons says:

The reason I do not like this programme – I personally think this is cruelty to animals – others think it fun – I am totally appalled and disgusted at peoples behaviour to animals insects whatever – They all have a right to live like we do.

Gino D’Acampo is already a past criminal and has been to prison – The Australian authorities should not be lenient with him or Stuart Manning who I think is a very gullible person – I truly am tired of the way people treat animals – it has to stop and stop now.

Come on Australia show the world you will be firm on this – so it can’t happen again.