X Factor: Louis Prefers Boy (Bands)

December 4, 2009 by  
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louis_walsh_001_083106Straight from the ‘no s**t’ school of news reporting, we have news that X Factor judge Louis Walsh doesn’t really like girl bands.

He even ranted about the poor quality of the girl groups in his category this year: “Kandy Rain, well we’ve forgotten them already and Miss Frank never really gelled; three different personalities. That’s girl groups for you.”

“They’re high maintenance. It’s easier to manage boy bands. Less hairspray, less make-up, less baggage,” added the sexist music mogul.

“Very few people have star quality. We’ve had Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke and JLS. Everybody gets one chance. This show is a platform for people who have got talent and if they use it properly, it’s just a chance. They’re not all going to be stars.

“Madonna and Robbie Williams are two great examples of people who have got great drive and wanted to do it but if you bring them in here and get them to sing a cappella, it’s not going to be great.”

No s**t.