Comedy Showcase – The Amazing Dermot: Actually, Not

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Amazing Dermot300THE AMAZING DERMOT: Friday 4th December, Channel 4, 10.35 ALERT ME

Sometimes comedy is just too much. This week’s sitcom pilot, The Amazing Dermot, packs an ego-maniac magician, an exotic dancer/body double and a deaf nurse all into a 30-minute episode. Director Martin Dennis may have tried a bit too hard for this one.

This skit is centered on master illusionist and stage hypnotist Dermot Flint (played by Flight Of The Conchords star Rhys Darby). In one week’s time, his wife has left him, his show has been cancelled, and he has moved into rehab after a highly publicised court case regarding a magic trick “involving two brothers and some french kissing under hypnosis.? 
And like all slapstick comedies, his attempts to get his life back on track are ruined by very odd events.

But the truth is, the jokes are tired and Darby is hard to watch as a racist misogynist. Throughout the course of the brief episode, he dashes around in a robe with a goatee spewing profanities, which is disappointing for Darby fans. Meanwhile, his mild-mannered manager Mickey Hong, who never ceases to remind us: “My parents are Chinese, I think,? churns out lamebrain one-liners: “I have a date with destiny, or shall I say, deaftiny. I feel bad now,? he says, referring to his new love interest–a deaf caretaker.

Forced laughter is never fun.

The first five minutes were looking good for this sitcom, but it doesn’t take long before we are overwhelmed with painful antics. It doesn’t look too good for the re-commissioning of The (Not-So) Amazing Dermot.

Danielle Jacoby

John Saunders says:

I enjoyed it, made me laf, made me feel uncomfortable but in a fun way. I reckon thats the intention as well. So it’s all good. Who played the character Destiny?

John says:

Who’s the actress who played destiny? I enjoyed it, made me laf and a lil incomfortable. But in a fun way so its all good!