The Mighty Boosh Will Not Return (Sob)

December 3, 2009 by  
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boosh-1Mighty Boosh, the show that brought us the talking moon, hermaphroditic merman and jazz man ghost will not return to TV.

The team behind the surreal BBC3 sitcom have decided to explore other possibilities with the characters, after taking the show on tour over the last year.

Noel Fielding, who plays quirky fashion victim Vince Noir said: “We’ll do a film instead, and an album, then maybe a live thing just to keep it fresh. We’ve taken it as far as we could in terms of being on BBC Three and going out and touring. We need to mix it up.?

However, the stars are not ruling out returning to TV with a different comedy series.

“We were thinking of a different kind of show. We like ‘The Muppet Show’. We were thinking about characters putting on a show and having guests.”

If you need any inspiration guys, Jeremy Kyle might have some ideas…