Doctor Who – Dreamland Review: Ex-toon-minate

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3DOCTOR WHO –dreamland300 DREAMLAND: Saturday 5th December, BBC2, 10am WAKE ME

Hangovers, large breakfasts and Jonathan Woss: For most people, a Saturday morning is a sacred part of the week.

But if they can drag themselves out of bed, this morning will be extra-special for Doctor Who fans.

The timelord will be making an appearance in a special animated adventure which sees him transported back to 1958 to tackle some troublesome extra-terrestrials in Area 51.

Doctor Who die-hards may have been tracking these 12 minute episodes with the help of their red button, but the first three will appear here for the first time on normal TV in one 45 minute block.

David Tennant lends his irreverent quipping to the timelord himself and his banter is the flippantly off-hand stuff that we have become accustomed to from “the most popular Doctor of all time”.

Not our words, but the results of a poll taken by Doctor Who magazine.

The BBC have also gone the whole nine-yards with the writing as Phil Ford (Dr Who, Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures) pens this bite-size nugget of sonic screwdriver skullduggery. Bosses at the beeb are obviously trying to make the most of the shows resurgence in the last couple of years and rightly so.

In this computer-generated helping we see the Doctor stumble in to an American diner and immediately bump into a pair of locals in possession of some alien artefact.

Naturally its only a couple of seconds before some menacing men turn up and he and his new friends run for it, meet a massive alien in the desert and end up at the Roswell army base.

But all is not as it seems. My personal highlight came after about 15 minutes when one of the Doctor’s companions yells: “You can’t do this, we’re American citizens!”

To which her native American friend responds: “They’re the army. They can do whatever they want. They have since the Bear River Massacre.”

Social politics before midday? It’s not Sunday mate…

Christian Sellars

David Tennant’s voice may have been in Roswell, but his successor Matt Smith is off in Croatia filming the new series of Doctor Who…