Bang Goes The Theory- Human Power Station Review: Energy High

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4BANG GOES THE THEORY: Thursday 3rd December, BBC One, 8pm ALERT ME

Only on Bang Goes The Theory will you get a greater reaction out of a kettle being turned on than a 41-year-old Dad’s naked bum.

Without being too agenda-setting, the series special Human Power Station demonstrates how much energy we consume and abuse when an average British family are taken off the National Grid and onto a “human power station.” From 7 a.m. until 6 p.m., 80 cyclists must pedal full-throttle to maintain a leisure Sunday for the unaware Collins family.

The Collins go about their regular morning routine. The kettle is going for tea, the television is on for Wii, and the hoover, iron and oven are all running for the usual Sunday housekeeping. But what we come to understand from behind the scenes is that it takes 11 cyclists to power the hoover, 15 for the iron, and 24 for the oven. And even after the family leaves for a walk, the cyclists desperately work to supply energy for standby appliances spanning the tv, games console and kitchen lights.

The programme’s presenters, Liz Bonnin, Dallas Campbell and Jem Stansfield, promise us that “nothing on this scale has ever been attempted before.” Cue portentous refrain. Drenched cyclists desperately pedal to avoid a blackout from Dad’s five-minute shower. A raw chicken is cooked for 90 minutes by two standard filament light bulbs. And if that doesn’t do the trick, £875 million in cash is lit on fire.

By the end, you feel a sudden urge to go out and buy low-energy bulbs for everyone. You also feel like a fat lard after watching 80 cyclists work-out for 12 hours.

We are all well aware of the global energy crisis. But instead of spoon-feeding us with redundant facts, Human Power Station transforms it into an insightful piece of entertainment.

Danielle Jacoby

mrs c wells says:

how much power are your lights and cameras taking up also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!