Sleep With Me Review: Definitely Infidelity

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4SLEEP_WITH_ME300SLEEP WITH ME: Thursday 31st December, ITV1, 9pm ALERT ME

Staying in front of the television this New Year? We know how you feel.

But instead of flicking between the various reviews of the 2009, Jools Holland backslapping his friends and the inevitable countdown from Edinburgh (apparently the HQ of New Years), we think this tightly worked ITV drama might be worth a look.

Those who enjoyed Joanna Briscoe’s erotic thriller of the same name will be pleased to hear that the producers have captured the mood and intrigue of the novel expertly, and in Annamaria Marinca they have unearthed an actress to match the elusive poise of a central character who cleaves our couple in two. Read More…

Strictly Come Dancing: On With The Show

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015craigBBC_468x704Salsa lovers have no fear. Strictly Come Dancing will be back next year… probably. Sharp-tongued judge Craig Revel Horwood has claimed that the BBC “would be mad” to axe the dance show.

The show’s judge spoke out to dispel fears for the programme’s future following the negative press which surrounded the most recent series.

Strictly’s latest run sparked an ageism row after Arlene Phillips was axed from the panel and replaced by Alesha Dixon.

The programme also failed to match The X Factor in the Saturday night ratings battle, though it remained a strong performer for BBC One.

Speaking to Click Liverpool about the ballroom hit, Horwood insisted: “It’s absolutely coming back. It’s such a hugely popular show. With over 10 million viewers the BBC would be mad to cancel it. What would replace it?”

Revealing his desires for the next series, he added: “I would love to see Arlene back. I really missed her this series. It was great to have Darcey Bussell join us but I do wish Arlene could come back.”

Wonder what Alexa would have to say…

Tsunami – Caught On Camera Review: Wave Of Misery

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3tsunami300TSUNAMI – CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Wednesday 30th December, Channel4, 9pm ALERT ME

How do you cope when an earthquake hits you? It’s probably not something you’ve thought about but, then again, not something you can ultimately prepare for.

The Tsunami of 2004, which claimed 250,000 lives across 14 countries, demonstrates the true force of this unstoppable oceanic monster.

Told through survivors’ own footage, this documentary is as close as one will get to experiencing the chilling events of Boxing Day that year. Filmed in three of the worst hit countries, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand, the video and photos shown are not for the faint-hearted. As photographer from Banda Aceh (where the Tsunami claimed 90,000 lives alone) says, “It felt like the end of the world.” Read More…

BBC Criticised Over Tennant’s 75 Appearances

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david-tennantEven the biggest David Tennant fan must have wondered what the hell was going on this Christmas.

Research shows that the Scottish actor will have appeared 75 times on BBC TV and radio stations in the three week festive period, including Doctor Who and Hamlet.

One of the many people to notice this overkill was Conservative MP Nigel Evans who sits on the Culture Media and Sport select committee.

The Tory was obviously so enraged by Tennant’s ever-presence that he told The Daily Telegraph: “Relying on such an overkill of one particular person is freezing out a lot of opportunity for a lot of up and coming people.”

“The most dedicated fan might have thought that the BBC was turning into the David Tennant Corporation. I know thanks to digital TV we have 200 channels, but 200 channels of David Tennant doesn’t seem to be much choice.”

A BBC spokesperson insisted: “These appearances were spread over several weeks and channels. We would not expect any one audience to see more than a handful.”

Vinnie Jones Demands 500k For Big Brother

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vinnieFootballing hard man turned Hollywood hard man, Vinnie Jones is reportedly demanding 500k for an appearance on Celebrity Big Brother.

According to The Sun, Vincent was initially offered £350,000 to join Channel 4’s Celebrity layabout contest but has since insisted on a further £150,000.

Not surprising they want someone with a bit of colour in the house after Boy George pulled out because it would breach his probation terms.

A source said, “Vinnie is holding out for more money because he knows that producers are desperate to sign him up. Negotiations are still going on and the producers don’t yet know whether he will be there or not on Sunday night.”

It’s fair enough really. Take them for as much money as you can Vinnie, they’ll only make you dress up in lycra and pretend to be a dog and think what that’s going to do to your street rep.

Susan Boyle To Duet With Andrea Bocelli

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subo1Susan Boyle will duet with Andrea Bocelli on a forthcoming ITV special.

Boyle, who recently beat the Italian tenor to the top of the US charts with her debut album I Dreamed A Dream, will join him for a double-headed warble on ITV1 show Pop Star To Opera Star.

The Sun reported: “Susan has held Andrea off the top of the US charts for weeks – it’s incredible.

“But he holds no grudges; he joked that he ‘must sing with this amazing woman’.”

Ah well, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em I guess.

Katie Price To Guest On The Apprentice?

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jordanWe could ask ourselves if there’s anything that this girl won’t do. But apart from already knowing that there isn’t, an equally pressing question seems to be: Is there anyone on television that won’t give Katie Price a shed load of money for a cameo?

Well if there is then it certainly isn’t Alan Sugar, who has indicated that he would be keen to get Jordan on his next series of The Apprentice.

Famed for his ability to spot good value for money. Suralan saw the £350,000 ITV paid to the ex-model to appear on I’m A Celebrity as money well spent and is keen to get her on his reality show next summer.

According to The Sun, Price had a conversation with Sir Alan and Amanda Holden (it must have been high-brow) in which it was suggested that Price could be on Sugar’s show.

The old tycoon responded to the idea by saying that he thought Price could be “an asset to the show”.

Assets more like.

Jordan will surely be pretty near the top of FIVE’s Celebrity Shocks of 2009…

“Elementary My Dear Reader”: TV’s Greatest Detectives

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columboWe all love a good mystery. And we all love a good detective. That’s probably why ever since Sherlock Holmes first appeared in 1887, we’ve been hooked on whodunnits.

With the release of a rebooted Sherlock Holmes on Boxing Day (which has Sean bouncing up and down in his seat) and a new Poirot on Christmas Day, we thought it was time to put together a list of the most memorable detectives in TV history.

Magnifying glasses at the ready…

1. Columbo (Columbo 1968-2003)

Just one more thing…

Peter Falk’s squinty-eyed, bedraggled, mumbling cop is one of the most memorable TV detectives of all time. What was great about Columbo is that not only was he actually a detective (as opposed to just an interfering busybody) but in every episode he works out who did it in the first five minutes and spends the next hour and a half taunting the murderer. Psychological warfare at its best.

The show was also famous for its high profile guest stars which included Jeff Goldblum, Leslie Nielson and Leonard Nimoy. It was also the first ever televised role for Jamie Lee Curtis.

Read More…

Celebrity Shock List 2009: Tragic Moments

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3andre300CELEBRITY SHOCK LIST 2009: Tuesday 29th December, FIVE, 9pm ALERT ME

Remember the glamorous stars of yester-year, how boring were they? You’d never read about Judy Garland’s ‘crazy antics’ in St Lucia, or Clark Gable’s fashion faux pas as he nipped out for a pint of milk.

Luckily that’s all changed with the outburst of reality TV, The WAG and Kerry Katona (although mystery star deaths live on). The media would assume the public is itching to know who’s put on the latest pound or punched a swan (after a tough week-long stint at The Priory). With the celebrity world turning more bonkers by the second, how are we meant to keep up?

Thank god for FIVE’s Celebrity Shock List, then, which keeps us in check. At two hours long it is probably long enough to make you feel normal/ fancy a spell in rehab. The least you’ll do is point and laugh. Which, I assume, is the point of these things (I am never quite sure). Read More…

Ricky Hatton Gets Part In Shameless

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Ricky_HattonFormer boxing champion Ricky Hatton will be appearing for a brief cameo in the next series of Shameless which begins in January.

Apparently The Hitman was “knocked out” (not for the first time in the last year or so) to meet the cast of the Channel 4 drama and now can’t wait for his episode to be screened.

The news comes after Joe Calzaghe last week announced that he was aiming for a career in the film industry…

A source told The Sun that Hatton was ‘buzzing’ to get the part as he has always been a fan of the show set in his home town of Manchester.

The insider added that in his appearance, the boxer will have a confrontation with one of the main characters.

We can’t imagine there was a long queue for that part.

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