One Way Out- Bee Stung Brit Review: Bee Calm For Science

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3.5Bees300One Way Out: Bee Stung Brit: Monday 30th November, Discovery Channel, 10pm ALERT ME

If there’s one thing we never get sick of, it’s watching people hurt themselves.

That certainly accounts for the popularity of I’m A Celebrity (Celebrities hurting themselves? Double win) and the massive success of schadenfreudian scheduling such as Jackass and Dirty Sanchez.

Here’s the Discovery Channel’s answer to masochism. Jonathan Goodwin is a British escapologist. He’s famous for attempting (and often failing) daring and dangerous escapes and was once hung live on TV after a stunt went wrong. But this time, he’s doing it all in the name of science.

Episode one sees him testing whether or not he can escape situations with minimal movement and to make sure he doesn’t move, he’s devised some tear-inducing scenarios for himself.

First up we see Jonathan taping his hands down and having a live emperor scorpion gaffer-taped inside his mouth. Any sudden movements and scorpy’s not going to be pleased, so he has to keep absolutely still. All’s going well until his collaborator and “friend? Mikey decides to slap him round the face. Watching Jonathan squirm is definitely the main attraction but you do have to marvel at the calmness with which he explains the stunt afterwards, as if being stung in the mouth is as normal as waiting for a bus.

After almost ingesting arachnids, he decides to take this several steps further and concocts an even more insane scheme to test his wriggle reflex. With his builder friend Terry (who looks like a thing Denzil Dexter from The Fast Show), he builds a box mounted on top of a washing machine. He then covers himself in 200,000 bees, has his hands taped together, climbs inside and sets the spin cycle to go off after 30 seconds.

Needless to say, seeing a man wearing nothing but goggles and his smalls taped into a box and covered in bees is tremendously entertaining.

It’s very light on the science, there are some diagrams here and there to show how bees sting you and some Wile E. Coyote-esque blueprint drawings of the set ups but nothing that’s going to make David Attenborough start sweating. It’s also difficult to see what exactly the point of all this is; it’s more a series of painful challenges rather than an actual science experiment.

And guess what? Pissing off bees and scorpions gets them to sting you. Who’d have thunk it? However, it is extremely entertaining to watch Goodwin a) get hurt and b) manage to overcome the pain in order to pull off his escapes. And let’s be honest, that’s what you wanted to see anyway isn’t it?