I’m A Celebrity: George Of The Jungle Wants Out

November 30, 2009 by  
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George3George Hamilton was considering packing his bags last night after an emotional phone call with his girlfriend Barbara.

He was given the chance to call the outside world after the celebrities won a challenge which enabled one of them to use a mobile phone.

Musing on the whys and wherefores of his purpose in the jungle, he told Kim Woodburn,

“I’m at point where this is fun to do. I’m not going to go head to head, so I’m thinking about leaving, pulling out tomorrow.”

Kim asked him to stay but the 70-year-old actor said: “At my age, the time I have with people I care about is important.

“I don’t see a purpose for me to stay.”

We see a purpose for you to stay George – keeping us sane. We’d much rather have you in there than clucking mother hen Kim any day.

Melissa Digitalis says:

It would be a shame if George left he is a great character in the jungle. Keep voting for him to stay! Some of the money goes towards Malaria No More so make sure you keep picking up the phone! tiny.cc/fZFB7