I’m A Celebrity: George Out, Boredom In

November 30, 2009 by  
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hamilton1George Hamilton has become the third person to leave the jungle without being voted off following Camilla Dallerup and glamour model Katie Price.

Dallerup left first following concerns about her health and Jordan left because the public voted her to do a seventh consecutive bush tucker trial (honestly, you know what you signed up for – get with the programme).

George was recently seen talking to condescension-incarnate Kim Woodburn about the possibility of leaving the jungle after a phone conversation with his girlfriend.

Producers have been constantly worried about the Hollywood star’s health and have excluded him from practically all the bush tucker trials. Meanwhile, the rest of the camp has been doing his cleaning and chores for him – seems like he took his life of luxury in there with him.

With George’s departure, who’s going to tell stories about Warren Beatty and Frank Sinatra now? It’s definitely not going to be Justin is it? His only story is going to be how he once met Hollywood legend George Hamilton.