Law & Order SVU Season 7 Finale Review: A Manic Episode

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3LAW & ORDER – SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT: Saturday 28th November, FIVE, 10:25pm ALERT ME

Law and Order: never been a fan.

Collagen lipped detectives and overacting guest stars investigating rape and murder. And yet somehow Law and Order has made it through another season.

This time it is the fictional tale of Jamie Hoskins. Sixteen and bipolar, the bleached-blonde prep student manages to falsely accuse her classmates of rape and plow down seven people during a suicide attempt after refusing to take her meds, all in one show. Oh yeah, and she is being mentored by her idol, an anti-psychiatry rock star who is scarred by his past. Now that’s some fine entertainment.

Perhaps the most obvious issue the Season 7 finale “Influence” raises is the controversy of over-diagnosis. Everyone is a victim of something these days–Ritalin for ADD and mood stabilizers for depression. And each character is somehow powerfully attached to this issue.

There is Assistant DA Novak, who was attacked by her non-medicated schizophrenic ex-fiance and has developed a deep compassion for the mentally ill. And the rock star, who allegedly received some brutal shock treatment to drive the depression out of him as a teen and now his beliefs coincide with Scientology and Fundamentalist Christianity. Drugs can do some strange things to people.

But the most redeeming part of the season finale is guest star Brittany Snow (Hairspray), bringing her usual melodramatic flair to Jamie Hoskins. Whether she is sobbing uncontrollably or shrieking, “You are all trying to kill me!” her usual heightened emotions prove necessary for this role.

An hour of loonies and drama, Law and Order SVU Season 7 ends on a high.

Danielle Jacoby