Gavin & Stacey Series 3 Review: Barryful of Laughs

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4 gav300GAVIN & STACEY SERIES 3: Thursday 26th November, BBC1, 9pm ALERT ME

When the Horne and Corden sketch-show was savaged like a chip in a pigeon coop, we feared the worst for the new series of Gavin & Stacey.

Then we remembered that the two shows are written by different script-writers and we calmed down a bit.

Why James Corden was prepared to put his name to something that someone else penned (so very badly) when his writing for G&S is so adroit, is mystifying, but alas we digress…

Thankfully he and co-creator Ruth Jones – who plays Nessa – have managed to rediscover their niche with a minimum of fuss. This comedy is still ripe with character and a low-key humour which tickles us before we realise that we’ve seen something funny.

So what’s new in series three?

Well the title couple have moved to Barry, Smithy is left pining for Gavin and questioning his role as a father to baby Neil, who now lives in a caravan with Nessa and new fiancé, Dave Coaches.

Without selling this comedy short, we would describe it as very likable – well we like it anyway. It’s pleasant, it’s warm, it’s a comedy that you would take home to meet your parents, and that’s a fantastic thing.

In a world where television sells itself shamelessly, Gavin & Stacey is understated, thoughtful and rammed full of enough richly observed characters to make two completely separate – but very good – television programmes.

There’s even a baby called Neil Noel Edmond Smith…

Series three could be the best yet.

Sean Marland