X Factor: Twins To Go Classical? (Please No)

November 24, 2009 by  
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jedwardSo Jordan’s left the jungle and Jedward have been booted off X Factor…

What a boring couple of weeks we will have to endure now – we hope you’re all pleased with yourselves.

But just when we were getting used to life without the tuneless twosome, yesterday they revealed that they are considering releasing a classical record!

“We’re very classical in our approach. We complement each other. We can sing classical music as a bass and tenor,” said Edward.

We can hardly wait.

The pair also explained how the hatred of some fans drove them on to achieve success. “We love the fact people hated us enough to actually, you know… hate us. Deep down the people who hate you do have a soft spot for you somewhere.”

These unbelievable comments come in light of the fact that each of the twins are set to pocket £100,000 for next year’s X Factor tour.

Unsurprisingly Louis Walsh has apparently cut them lose after their exit. “He doesn’t have any plans to work with them,? said a friend.