I’m A Celebrity: Jordan Dumps Her Man On TV

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jordanThe last time she went into the jungle, she walked out with a new boyfriend – this time she dumped her fella within hours of being out.

Jordan told camera crews that she would be ditching her cage-fighting man as she stomped from the ITV gameshow and celebrated by singing Queen hit ‘Another One Bites The Dust’.

“I want to be on my own. I do not want a relationship?, she said of the split. “Never underestimate the Pricey, there goes another one – it’s as easy as that for me. It’s a shame because he was as horny as hell, and he’s great in bed.”

She’s definitely not dead inside.

The star then ordered her security not to let Alex near her for her entire Aussie stay. The cross-dresser had arrived Down Under a couple of days ago, hoping to pop the question, but has yet to see Katie.

Yesterday he was being tipped to replace her in the jungle.

Jordan stormed off I’m A Celebrity after the viewers voted for her to complete her seventh Bushtucker Trial but complained that the whole experience reminded her of her ex-hubby Peter Andre.

“The whole place reminded me of Pete from morning till the moment I went to sleep. Every second it was Pete, Pete, Pete, Pete, Pete,? she told a bemused Joe Swash.
“Although they were amazing, happy memories, I’d lie there and think those good memories are way gone – but then I was still there with constant reminders of Pete.

“It was so ironic I had the same bed as last time. I’d wake in the mornings, look over and think, ‘Peter’s going to be there’.
After flouncing out, the glamour model may now lose up to half of her £350,000 fee.

“A cheque’s always attractive but it’s not as if I can’t earn at home,? she said.

Drita M says:

she’s one waste of space

SnoopDoggyDog says:

Stupid B*tch, does she think that dumping her new boyfriend and saying she “Keeps thinking about Pete” is going to raise her likability in the eyes of the british public? She is a dog faced dirt box and should be treated accordingly…as my old mum says “Do to others as you would expect them to do to you”.

Ellie says:

Why oh why do people like this have kids? Stop abandoning them and decide whats really important instead of flouncing around being immature and showing off all the damn time. It’ll all sag anyway some day! The kids will disown her later on. Theres nothing worse than selfish parents. What mother??