Huey Morgan Interview: Slips

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Scooby snack munching musician Huey Morgan is presenting a new show on VIVA called Slips in which people race their cars and the loser ends up walking home.

Sounds exciting and hilarious…

We managed to get hold of the Fun-Loving Criminal and somehow ended up talking to him about Westwood (baby).

Tell us about the new show Huey…

It’s a show that was developed by a friend of mine for MTV, and it features two racers who bring their cars to me. I then fix the cars up, put manifolds in, up the BHP, some great rims and make them race-worthy so they’re good on the track, and we might paint them up too. We then show the drivers their cars for the first time on race day, and whoever wins the race wins the other racer’s car!

So what’s your role going to be in all this madness?

I’m the time-keeper and the person with the slowest time is losing their wheels – simple.

So by the end of each show you have a pretty upset person on your hands…

I always consider a car to represent someone’s freedom and for many people they are a massive outlet, they mean a lot. So although no-one’s twisting their arm to sign up, it is pretty intense watching people putting their cars on the line, and they do get very upset when they lose.

There must have been a couple of people who stood out as more crest-fallen than the rest…

(laughs) There wasn’t really one special person, but that moment when they realise that they f**ked up and lost their car is usually quite interesting. We had some people seriously tripping out.

So what are you driving these days?

I like my Jag at the moment…

We know that you’ve got Elo and T – the kings of car modification – working on the show, what’s the coolest thing you’ve seen them do for the series?

The only objective of the modification is to make the cars more powerful and race-safe, so it’s not that similar to a show like Pimp My Ride, there aren’t any people driving round the track with goldfish bowls in their car! But their best work was probably on a VW – they were so proud of it that they ended up calling it ‘The Bad Boy from Brooklyn’.

Speaking of Pimp My Ride, do you think you could take Tim Westwood in a car-race?

I don’t know who that is…

He’s a well-loved British DJ and hip-hop wannabe, we don’t know if you would get on with him. So are we going to see anyone roll their wheels in Slips?

No there are no rolls, we’ve made the track safe enough to avoid that but there were a couple of races in the rain that got a bit sketchy…but who’s this Westwood guy?

He’s a hip-hop loving TV and radio presenter – a very talented bloke. (Explaining Tim Westwood is not an easy thing to do). So what are the plans for the band?

We’ve got some new stuff coming out next year, we’ve had a little hiatus – living the high life you know. We had some legal battles for a couple of years but the new album’s coming out next year. We’ve decided on a unique way to release our music too, it’s really innovative but I can’t say too much. The record will be out in March and it’s called Classic Fantastic. People will need it on their iPod!

Sean Marland

Slips is on VIVA every Thursday at 10pm