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1PARADOX: Tuesday 24th November, BBC One, 9pm Alert Me

Not another science fiction crime drama, please.

This time it is a team that investigates crimes committed in the future. The BBC Northern Ireland and Clarkenwell Films have deemed it “Paradox.?

But there really is no mystery in this unfortunate CSI—Lost crossbreed.

A bit like the plot of Minority Report, Paradox is centered on the pioneer Detective Inspector Rebecca Flint (Tamzin Outhwaite) who has been beckoned by loony astrophysicist Dr. Christian King (Emun Elliott) to decipher rogue images transmitted from outer space. In less than 18 hours, Flint and her team must thwart the tragedy before it happens.

For Paradox, the mistake is not in the plot. The concept is a good one. No, the problem is that it takes only a few minutes into the show for the audience to deduce the ending. Everything is just too easy. And the worst part is the back-and-forth between story and ticking clock. We already have anxiety about sitting through the next 50 minutes.

And then there are the characters. Outhwaite portrays Flint as incessantly irate. Elliott as King is just plain creepy. And then there is this weird chemistry between the two.

In one scene, King tells a frustrated Flint that it is merely her perception of the images that is wrong. And out of nowhere, he says quite deadpan, “If I kissed you now, would you hit me or scream? Do we end up making delirious love, or would I be arrested for assault? Circumstances change.? It is just plain odd. And that basically sums up Paradox.

It’s just another attempt to join the ranks of primetime sci-fi-dom. But alas, unlike the masterclass that is Doctor Who, Paradox falls flat.

Danielle Jacoby

Joanne McInnes says:

I totally disagree. The acting may be seen as ‘creepy’ by some, however I feel that Elliott provides an alluring quality that for me, makes the show more intriguing and worth watching. The relationship between Elliott and Outhwaite is strange, yes, but this will be something to watch as it develops and not something you can define after watching one episode. I agree with above comment that it may be the thing that ‘hooks the show’. I think Paradox is a very clever programme in that it appeals to those that may want an ‘easy’ sci-fi drama to watch. I am personally a fan of Lost and i’ve read several reviews on how people have become ‘lost in lost’. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea as it is quite ‘easy’ to follow, however will attract many viewers, which at the end of the day is what the BBC want.

Chris Allen says:

I think it was completely flawed from the begining. If I was the ‘intelligent police officer with an imagination’ the first thing I would of realised is that the pictures/photos would have been taken After the incident, not on the very minute of the incident. There was no reason to believe paranormal activity at that point in the drama. I would of simply said that the incident had to happen some time before the photos were taken and not exactly when they were time-stamped…There was no train in any of the photos either??? very strange.
Good idea and a fairly good plot but the finer details wernt there to make it believeable. Poorly written I think.

Tom Randle says:

There is one glaring problem with the plot and that is that when the solar flair affects all electrical equipment the car,train and tanker all still work. All these vehicle run on battery/electrical power and thus wouldve broken down and the event itself wouldnt of happened?! Thats what ruined it for me.

Dr. When says:

I don’t agree, Paradox is good, just as good as Dr Who. Sets and camera work no worse. A little less of the kiddy humour, maybe, and definitely less silly running. Do people run like that in real life?

The odd kiss and tell scene grabs your attention, providing a beginning to the characters ‘odd’ relationship that should be one of the hooks of the show.

And as a scientist myself, I would rate Dr King as a low 8 on the loony scale.