How To Look Good Naked – Sexy Over 60 Review: Gok Hearts Grandmas

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4gok300HOW TO LOOK GOOD NAKED – SEXY OVER 60: Monday 23rd November, Channel 4, 9pm ALERT ME

Did you know that nearly 20% of the British people are over the age of 60?

That means there are more pensioners in the country than there will be voters in the next general election.

Well maybe not, but if we have to endure any more politicians bleating about the inconvenience of paying butler-wages with their own money, it could be quite close.

So what do we know about this rapidly growing group of wrinklies? Well they like Strictly Come Dancing, dislike hoody-wearing adolescents and according to Gok Wan, they want to improve their body image.

Well it makes sense really, they say 60 is the new 40.

After performing miracles for younger self-loathers, the lanky stylist has taken on his toughest challenge yet – he is going to show that being retired doesn’t mean you can’t raise pulses.

The main focus of Gok’s attention is a cheerfully sweet 72 year-old called Sue, who lost her body confidence after losing her husband. Thankfully Gok is able to restore her vigour by tweaking a few of his vogue-restoring techniques and even gets her to bare it all on a shopping centre catwalk – a challenge that many people decades younger have shirked.

There’s even a small piece which sees a group of elderly gentlemen review various hair trimming appliances – essential viewing for most of the old-boys out there.

Despite this, the programme remains firmly female-orientated and mixed in with the normal processes are some cute scenes, including one where young girls share make-up tips with their older counterparts. The looks of shock from the perm-brigade when one young girl reveals that the contents of her make-up bag cost over £600 are a picture to behold.

With Gok at his warm-hearted best, Sexy Over Sixty is a gem which should go down better than bingo and slippers with pensioners everywhere.

Sean Marland