X Factor: Danyl Threatens To Quit

November 19, 2009 by  
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One-time show favourite Danyl Johnson has threatened to quit X Factor after having a spat with controversial mentor Simon Cowell.

According to reports he bolted from a practice session and refused to return for five hours after being forced to sing George Michael’s ‘Praying For Time’.

“He literally burst out the door and ran off down Battersea High Street. A few production staff chased after him to try to calm him down and make him come back but he was having none of it,” said one show insider.

Absolutely chuffing mental

Absolutely chuffing mental

Apparently bosses even sent a car to find him after his Forrest Gump style bid for freedom, but he refused to come back. “He seems very angry and upset and is demanding a different song. It’ll be interesting to see if Simon backs down or makes him stick with it.”

Another added: “He’s not doing himself any favours with stunts like this which just make him look like a spoilt brat. Even if the song choice is wrong there’s no need to storm out, he should talk about it first.”