Confessions Of A Traffic Warden Review: Total Clampers?

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4Durga300CONFESSIONS OF A TRAFFIC WARDEN: Thursday 19th November, Channel 4, 9pm ALERT ME

Durga Pokhall is a Nepalese immigrant who speaks four languages, reads Shakespeare and aims to earn the respect of noble Englanders by handing out parking tickets.

As you can imagine, he is in for quite a shock.

After a couple of months, the idealistic little dude’s vision of a British population who value honour and spirituality have been well and truly dashed. As it turns out, the ‘crafty’ illegal parkers will do anything to avoid getting a ticket.

While this won’t surprise most of us, Durga is shocked, and watching him transform into a more cynical man who realises that “it’s just about the tickets? almost reminds us of that poor bloke in 1984.

We could sit and talk about Durga’s lovably naïve foibles all day but it would be an injustice to a thoroughly decent TV show which lifts the lid on some of the most unpopular people in Britain.

We’ve all cursed a parking ticket in our time, but some of the abuse we see these parking patrollers get is truly astounding, depressingly consistent and frequently racist – the polite and orderly British people that Durga has read so much about don’t seem to own many cars.

People who have been in the job a little longer than our new friend give us a little more insight though.

Alex came to Britain from Nigeria in 2007 and tells us that despite being outlawed a couple of years ago, firms still hoist unofficial ticket targets on to their roving employees and only those wardens who clock up the most fines are given lucrative overtime shifts.

Of course this is all denied by bosses who wax lyrical about “customer service? from their board-rooms but we know what’s going on and it’s not that surprising, after all they make their money by fining lazy motorists.

It’s a fine example of capitalism in motion.

Sean Marland

John Davies says:

I’m watching “Confessions Of A Traffic Warden”, these poor guys, how can we, the British people, be so abusive? I’d love to offer Durga a job, with so many lazy, uneducated, rude British around, Durga is just the opposite; enthusiastic, well educated, humble and just generally fun.

Perhaps it’s just the nasty people who drive cars, I wonder.

Best of luck guys, all of you and I’m so sorry but the inexcusably rude and abusive London car drivers, shame on you all!