X Factor: Session Singers Provide Jedward Vocals!

November 17, 2009 by  
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jedThe news story that has been rumbling for weeks exploded all over Simon Cowell’s face last night after it emerged that soundmen have been drowning out Jedward’s singing with backing vocals.

Conspiracy theorists allege that show bosses have been using pre-recorded tracks by session singers to keep the tuneless duo in the competition.

It doesn’t say much for the session singers – the pair still sound terrible even with their help.

Last night, X Factor chiefs admitted that every act received “technical support”, but it has been insinuated that producers have been intentionally masking the rubbishness of the twins (which sounds like one hell of a job) to make sure they stay in.

“Every week session singers record backing tracks to some songs,” a show insider told The Sun.

“But soundmen are told to turn down the levels of the twins’ mics so their vocals are mostly covered by the backing singers. Often mics are so low the twins’ singing would be barely audible.”

The source added that Jedward were lowered to a “ridiculous level” for their performance of Queen’s Under Pressure on Saturday. He said: “The only time levels were raised was when they were rapping.”

A show spokeswoman offered a ridiculously weak denial when she said: “Contestants sing live and all are given equal technical support.”

So the twins are even worse than we imagined (shudder).

On the plus side, at least they have their brave knight Louis to defend them. He’s just come out in support of their parents, who are apparently going through a bit of the wringer with all the public attention….

bob says:

xfactor is all fake the auditions are also fake. they pick all thed people who audition puposley so people can laugh at them

Ann says:

They are the worst act ever, and should never have got this far!! What are the public thinking about, it’s an absolute farce and your wasting your money voting for them… Lets see some real talent back please.. Louis Walsh is a farce also..

Hazel says:

So much for a singing talent show. The X Factor is now officially a huge joke!
Come on let’s get this show back to what it used to be a real TALENT show!