X Factor: Jedward Parents ‘Very Worried’ Says Walsh

November 17, 2009 by  
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Louis Walsh has stood up for the twins once more, this time saying that the excessive media attention is causing their parents to stress.

While we’re not counting on a SuBo Explodo moment anytime soon, he may have a point – just look at Britney for a prime example of early fame rushing to a teenager’s head (and then subsequently melting it).

During an appearance on The Paul O’Grady Show, Walsh spoke out about his sole remaining group in the competition.

“They’re very young. The thing is, people used to boo them in the audience. I took offence to that.”

“I think there’s a lot of pressure on their parents because their parents are very worried about them,” he continued.

Rounding off with a last-ditch snipe at Cowell, Walsh made it clear that Cowell’s opinion towards the gremlins/twins has definitely changed of late.

“[Simon] wasn’t right about the boys. He hated them. He called them vile little creatures. He didn’t know them that well.”

As if that wasn’t shocking enough, did you read about the fact that all of Jedward’s vocals are purposely being drowned out by backing singers?

john444 says:

Because people are sheep and happy to join the jeering, blood-loving crowds on the route to the gallows. Envy at someone else’s success, however meaningless, is always poisonous and sick. Our tabloid world just loves it to death! No one in this world cares about the people involved, whether they are young girls being exploited sexually or boys like the twins, so full of life and fun. Fortunately, they don’t seem to care a toss…

ed says:

Hey I would be worried too with all the negative comments for NO REASOn about them personally… theres one thing for sure thay are going need body guards for a very very very long time…
and I would like to ask people who are bashing these kids why? they are 2 nice boys having fun …so why the meaness