X Factor: Did Simon Want Jamie Afro Gone?

November 17, 2009 by  
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afroConspiracy theory-magnet, Simon Cowell was this afternoon at the centre of more accusations of X Factor fixing, this time from Jamie Afro’s mates.

According to The Mirror, the singer’s pals believe that his flat-haired mentor stitched him up this week in part of a Machiavellian grand strategy.

This follows reports that backing vocals have been played over Jedward’s songs to push them through the competition.

“The whole show is being made a mockery of. Simon was the only judge with all three acts left – he knew he had to lose someone this week and so he offered up Jamie,? said one of his friends.

“It doesn’t take a genius to see how he did it. He stuck him first on the bill which is the worst place to be. He made sure he dressed him in dark clothing so it all looked very drab with no colour.”

“And he gave him a very average Queen song in ‘Radio Ga Ga’ and left him there on the stage on his own. There was no production, no backing singers, no choirs, no pyrotechnics like the other contestants had.”

Far be it from us to defend Mr Cowell, but this sounds a bit crazy.

Or does it…….