Nip/Tuck Season 5 Review: Wheely Good Time

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5niptuck 300x210NIP/TUCK: Wednesday 18th November, FX UK, 10pm

No wonder plastic surgery is so popular if this is what your doctors are like.

Sean and Christian are back with their scalpels and are still trying to either slice open or have sex with every woman that crosses their path.

Here’s a quick recap of what happened before: Julia’s recovering from her gunshot and is dealing with some memory loss. Matt is still reeling from the shock of accidentally sleeping with his sister. And Christian is just being Christian.

Meanwhile crazed stalker Colleen had pushed Sean to the limit. She snuck into the operating theatre where Sean is about to work on his daughter following her car crash. Colleen grabs a knife and brutally attacks Sean, leaving his life hanging in the balance.

The second half of Season 5 follows on with Sean recovering from his life threatening injuries. The shows jumps 4 months into the future and reveals that Sean is in a wheelchair and working on being rehabilitated.

While Sean isn’t able to perform surgery he’s teaching surgery students and finds a protege in Raj, a medical wunderkind who’s somewhat lacking in social niceties.

Liz, the surgeon’s faithful lesbian anesthesiologist, has a consultation with Christian to decide if she can have a breast reduction.
When he finds a lump, she has to get herself checked out. But when Christian mentions that he too has a lump in his chest, the doctor recommends that he get a mammogram.

When Christian and Sean meet two hotties at a bar and go home with them, Sean finds that being in a wheelchair has some unexpected benefits.

In other developments, someone has breast cancer and two unlikely people have bubbling chemistry that swiftly builds up to a sexual encounter. We’ve peeked ahead to the next episode. It’s a doozy.

The directors have really kept up the high standards of this show; it looks good, it’s well written and it’s never afraid to make the characters unlikable. Which only serves to make us love them, thus proving that everyone loves a bad boy.

Emily Moulder