I’m A Celebrity: Jordan Arrives With Double Task

November 17, 2009 by  
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KATIE9_930073aJordan arrived in the jungle and walked straight into a swamp of fish guts and cockroaches last night.

After retrieving seven of the twelve stars from the morass, she then headed back to camp to tell her new mates that she had sacrificed their luxury items for basic provisions – which made her a popular girl.

Chef Gino D’Acampo was left lamenting a lack of salt and gay designer Justin Ryan joked that he would die without his shampoo.

Viewers then took the chance to make the glamour model do another bushtucker trial at the first opportunity – she will be taking part in the ‘Deathly Burrows’ task on tonight’s show.

Having only just climbed out of the swamp (and indulged in her trademark booby-flaunting bath) she was shocked at the prospect of doing it all again:”I didn’t think I was up for it. Let me relax. I’m still jet-lagged. How is that possible? I can’t go underground.”

Yet Jordan seemed to be well received by the other contestants and they wasted no time in quizzing her about Alex Reid’s cross-dressing. When asked if she’d had sex with him while he was dressed as a woman, Jordan replied: “Of course.”

Meanwhile back in London, ITV bosses were opening the champagne after viewing figures for the opening show were the highest for five years.

The show drew an average of 9.8million – the highest since the last time Jordan was on the show in 2004.