“X Factor Is Very Stupid” Says Calvin Harris

November 16, 2009 by  
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calvin-harris-ballsCalvin Harris has admitted that he was “stupid” to invade the stage during Jedwards performance of ‘Under Pressure/Ice Ice Baby’ over the weekend – before branding the show itself “very stupid”.

As apologies go, it was far from heart-felt.

The ‘Dance Wiv Me’ singer told reporters that he rushed the twins with a pineapple on his head to make a point about the reality show.

Just what that point was, we’re not sure.

“It’s not for my own publicity. I’m not a celebrity – I make music. Dancing on stage with a pineapple on your head is a very stupid thing to do, but I also want to suggest that it’s a very stupid television programme.

“I was very surprised how easy it was to get up there. If anything good is going to come out of it, they should stick another man in front of the stage.”

Fears that Harris may have wasted a unique opportunity to take out the Grimes brothers during a performance were confirmed last night as an ITV source said: “It was completely unacceptable for Calvin to run on stage like that. It could have been an idiot with a knife. From now on security will be seriously stepped up.”

“There will be more guards in the studio. Anyone who looks like they are going to do something similar will be pounced on immediately.”

In a weekend that saw Mariah Carey sign-up, we saw Jamie Afro sign out….