The Queen In 3D Review: Pass One’s Goggles

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tv-stars-2halfTHE QUEEN IN 3D: Monday 16th November, Channel 4, 9pm Alert Me

If you remember the sixties then you weren’t really there and if you remember the Queen’s coronation then you’re old enough to get a free bus pass.

Many things may have changed since that sepia-tinted day when a sexy young Elizabeth Windsor skipped into Westminster Abbey to be crowned, but the British people’s fascination with the monarchy has apparently endured.

Royalists will obviously be more enthusiastic about this than a bunch of students at a free bar – but is there anything here for the rest of us?

The answer is yes and no.

When Bob Angell and Arthur Wooster made these pioneering recordings back in 1953 they believed they were on the cusp of a revolution in film-making – however the rise and rise of television quickly put paid to the fledgling career of 3D movies.

So when the footage of the coronation day was discovered by chance recently, it seemed only proper that someone finally put it on the television. Better late than never.

Objectively, this is a mediocre programme which demonstrates why 3D was quelled so easily, but viewed as a historical landmark, it is poignant.

Anecdotes flow and traditionalists wallow, yet underneath all the shmaltz there is some genuinely excellent footage, although ironically enough, most of it is not of the coronation, but one of her majesty’s trips on the Royal barge.

Various contributors also share their memories, some of them are interesting, many of them aren’t. “The British people love getting dressed up and attending the Royal Swan Upping,? says one particularly-detatched Etonian.

People gush over the Queen and slather on nostalgia by the bucket-load, but this piece still provides an excellent window back to an age when the Royal family were still significant.

Sean Marland