Paul Danan Interview: Pants Off, Dance Off

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He fell in love with a hooker in Hollyoaks, nearly deafened everyone with his shouting in Celebrity Love Island and was dumped from Jack In The Beanstalk for swearing at the people of Preston – but at long last Paul Danan is back on our TV screens.

The actor is just one of the celebrities making an appearance in a new show called Dance Off Pants Off (yes really) and when we finally caught up with him, he gave us one of the shortest and sweetest interviews we have ever had the pleasure of typing up.

Oh and what happens on the island, stays on the island (and YouTube).

Hi Paul hope you’re well. Tell us a little bit about Dance Off Pants Off.

It’s a programme where people dance to one of their favourite tracks while taking their clothes off.

Excellent, are you much of a dancer? You must have done some on stage for that pantomime in Preston…

No that didn’t happen in the end, But I used to do a lot of break-dancing when i was a kid so that should give me a bit of an advantage. I’m confident that my performance will be enough to impress the judges, by the end I’m break-dancing naked!

That sounds like great television – we know there were a few other TV personalities on the show. Did you get to meet Big Brother’s Nikki Graham?

Yes I did, she was nice, the Cheeky Girls were good fun as well.

Of course we can’t forget your appearance only Celebrity Love Island – why do you think you were such a popular contestant with TV bosses?

It’s probably because I was such great television.

And maybe because you did such a lot of shouting?

I did a lot of everything mate…

So can you tell us if anything happened between you and Nikki Ziering (one of Danan’s fellow contestants)?

Why are you asking me questions about Celebrity Love Island? All this stuff happened ages ago! I’m here to talk about Dance Off Pants Off….

Sorry Paul. (Hastily ditch the next 10 questions). So what song will you be dancing and taking your clothes off to?

Just Lose It by Eminem.

An appropriate choice. Do you have anything else coming up that viewers need to watch out for?

I’m doing a documentary on giving up smoking soon for Channel 5. Basically cameras are going to be following me and a few other people around for 24 hours a day to see what its like for someone giving up smoking…

That sounds like a good show. Are you a big smoker?

Well yeah, that’s sort of the point of me doing the show isn’t it…

Of course. Many of our readers might remember you as Sol from Hollyoaks. Lets be honest Paul, your character lost it a bit didn’t he – what was your favourite storyline?

Probably the one where he was homeless, that was good fun.

Do you still watch the show these days?

Now and then, but I’m quite busy you know…

Sean Marland

Pants off Dance off – Celebrity Special is on 19th Nov at 11pm on VIVA

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this guy is a total moron!