Doctor Who – The Waters of Mars Review: H2Whoa!

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drwho300DOCTOR WHO – THE WATERS OF MARS: Sunday 15th November, BBC1, 7pm ALERT ME

In the last decade, astrological boffins have become very excited by the discovery of water on Mars.

But instead of working their fingers to the bone on the nearest gigantic calculator they could find, these excitable NASA employees should have contacted David Tennant.

In his pre-penultimate outing as the Doctor, he discovers that the water on Mars is not so much exciting, but down-right treacherous.

Not only is the evergreen timelord back, but he is arguably better than ever, and we are given a tantalising taste of his Christmas exit – apparently David Tennant will be going out with more than a bang.

Never mind that though. With handy robots, strategically placed air-locks and homicidal aliens popping up everywhere, this edgy dash to save the planet is a rip-roaring special episode in its own right.

Yet it also sets the scene perfectly for the cosmic crescendo that’s in the astro-post, and the Doctor is already being forced to consider the massive questions that await before this particular incarnation’s time is up.

In the not-too-distant future (2059 to be precise) the timelord rocks up on the red planet and stumbles upon Adelaide Brooke – played by a de-Thatcherised Lindsay Duncan – and her pioneering team of scientists.

As it turns out, it’s a good thing he pops in because pretty soon the crew of the Marsbase are having a few problems with the plumbing – well their drinking water to be precise. Unfortunately their H2O is turning them into water-spurting zombies who have a mad-eye on planet earth.

There aren’t many people who have been round the chronological block as many times as Doctor Who though, and he soon realises that he’s seen the crews future – they are more doomed than a bunch of Daleks on a scuba diving trip.

The results are visually spectacular and the new shady material makes for a thrilling story that children will lap-up as eagerly as the adults who grew up with Tom Baker.

Sean Marland

Well Mr Tennant could be on his way out, but fans of the doctor will be pleased to hear that someone even sexier could appear in the next series – apparently BBC bosses are desperate to find a role in the time drama for one Cheryl Cole!

splot says:

What a disappointment!! The story was good and showed the Dr to have a heart. However the programme was not really a family outing as it contained more adult material relating to the emotional and behavioural components that simply went over the head of many children. My son said – give over with the talking – and yes there was lots of talking and not much action. Overall a pretty poor show, but at least it showed how good an actor Tennant is.

Sah says:

*facepalm* This episode was a disappointment for me at the least… for one, all of the characters in that episode were annoying, and the stupid robot thing has been done… to death.

My main thingy that really annoyed me is the lack of common sense on the Doctor’s part – he was on his way to the Tardis, he should have kept going; I mean regardless of him having decided to save them… why didn’t he just go back a few hours or so to sort them out in a less messy manor.

Also, what was up with the God like complex all of a sudden, he knows – as a timelord – mess with the past and the future is changed, so it wasn’t like his original higher-ups were making up these laws for jollies or anything. There was me thinking that he’s supposed to be smart. some of the Doctor’s random comments we are all so fond of also lacked something. Anyway, it definitely wasn’t up to par. I probably won’t watch it next proper series… though I’ll give it one or two episodes.

avimort says:

It’s “Astronomical boffins”, not astrological….

Actually, “planetary scientists” is more correct than either of the above…