Peter Andre Quits ‘I’m A Celebrity’ Job

November 12, 2009 by  
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peter-andreThis Morning executives were said to be furious when Peter Andre told them he wasn’t going to be fulfilling his duties as ‘showbiz reporter’ for the new series of I’m A Celebrity – but who can blame him…

Would you want to follow your ex around on holiday?

According to The Mirror, the TV star made the decision after Jordan signed up for the show (which is due to begin on Sunday).

A source said: “Pete was really looking forward to going back to the jungle, but as soon as he found out that Katie was going to appear, he said there was no chance in hell he would go.

“Pete reckons there’s no way he could speculate on Katie’s antics and any outback flirtations in an unbiased way. This Morning executives are livid.”

it only right he would quit and i think she did know he was signed up to do the job hope she get voted out straight away she seems to think this is going to help her don’t think so.
ps team peter

Karen says:

Can’t blame him at all. Completely out of order to expect him to do it. I wonder if she knew he had the job before she signed up.

Anthony Hennessy says:

Good for Peter. Surely “This Morning” couldn’t expect him to commentate on his ex-wife. Anyway, she’s just a money grabbing self publicist.