EastEnders: Ricky & Bianca To Re-Marry

November 12, 2009 by  
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Brace yourself.

Something happy is going to happen on EastEnders, and at Christmas too!

Thirteen years after originally tying the knot, Ricky and Bianca are getting engaged again (aaaaaaaw).

While Ricky’s been somewhat distracted by the Bride of Chucky (Sam) of late, her inevitable scarpering leaves the doors open for an oddly romantic hook up between the love-torn pair.

They’re even going to star in their very own spin-off DVD EastEnders: Last Tango In Walford, that will follow Bianca’s daughter Tiffany search for her family and attempt to bring them back to Walford for the big day.

Which nicely ties in with the news we broke earlier this month that the whole Jackson clan is indeed returning to the square.