X Factor: ITV Expect Ad Revenue To Rocket

November 11, 2009 by  
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jedIt will come as no surprise to most of us to hear that Simon Cowell’s decision to keep the twins in this year’s X-Factor will mean shed-loads of extra cash for ITV.

But we didn’t really realise how much until today when The Times revealed the price advertising spots on the ‘talent’ contest go for.

The broadcaster is selling 30-second adverts to late buyers for an estimated £190,000 this month. Television industry insiders believe that the figure could come close to £250,000 for the last shows in December, and with viewing figures outstripping those set last year – this year’s average audience levels are 1.8 million higher than 2008 – ITV could be turning a massive profit.

As our American friends say – you do the math(s).

“There’s no doubt that this is the television event of the year for viewers and advertisers,? said Jim Marshall, a senior consultant with Starcom, which buys television advertising for well-known companies. “It has become the British version of the American Superbowl?.

ITV have been famously guarded with their advertising details but their competitors have managed to work out that the channel can expect to make about £6 million in the final weekend of the show.

The newspaper also revealed that Simon Cowell takes a slice of phone revenues (money generated through phone voting).

A man with that much money really shouldn’t have to cut his own hair though…