Man With Facial Scars To Read News

November 11, 2009 by  
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faceIf Michael Buerk has taught us anything, it’s that no matter how odd your appearance, as long as you have an excellent non-regional dialect – you can read the news.

And Channel 5 look set to test that theory when they embark on a groundbreaking experiment next week which will see a man with a serious facial disfigurement get behind the news-desk.

James Partridge – who suffered extensive burns in a car crash aged 18 – will present lunchtime bulletins all week.

Partridge runs the charity Changing Faces and Five news chief Chris Shaw told Digital Spy: “We hope it will make viewers examine their own prejudices.”

Rick says:

As Della says, this may be an opportunity to question this society’s obsession with image. However, it is equally important to see the courage and self confidence that James is showing.

As it happens James visited Acid Survivors Trust International(ASTI)’s sister organisation in Bangladesh and met a young woman who, since being attacked with acid, had not shown her disfigured face in public. James’ example inspired her and she hasn’t covered her face since. A fantastic step forward!

della says:

This story would be significant if it were not just a PR experiment. If this gentleman had applied for a newsreader’s job through the normal process and been appointed on merit, then that would be newsworthy. But if it makes people question this society’s obsession with image, then I’m all for it.