I’m A Celebrity: Rivals Promise ‘Trouble’ For Jordan

November 11, 2009 by  
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jordanIt looks like ITV bosses may well get their moneys worth from Jordan on this year’s I’m a Celebrity… series – despite paying her five times as much as everyone else on the show.

A friend of one of the other contestants who wanted to remain anonymous told The Sun: “This really is taking the Mick. We were pushing for more cash but were told things were tight this year. Now we know why.

“If ITV are looking for trouble in the jungle, they will certainly get it once she turns up.”

Apparently the other contestants are furious that they are being paid just £65,000 for lying around in the sun, while Jordan is receiving £350,000 and turning up a week late (nice work if you can get it).

It seems that no-one has bothered telling the rest of them that Jordan is a genuine A-List celebrity, whereas they are just a bunch of people who played utterly forgettable roles in soaps.

And who the hell is Colin McAllister? Seriously.

Dave says:

Jordan (Katie Price) A-List? Purleezz!