X Factor: “I’m Public Enemy No 1” says Simon

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simon-cowellSimon Cowell last night claimed to be the most unpopular man in Britain after X Factor fans went mental over his backing of Jedward.

“I’m going to get a lot of flak for my decision. I’ll be public enemy No 1. People always like to disagree with me but I know this will be more controversial than usual”, he told The Sun after thousands of people threatened to boycott the show.

“There will be people who are Lucie fans and think she should have been given a chance,” he added.

Figures released today show that a massive 3,000 people complained direct to ITV over his decision and Facebook groups calling for a boycott of X Factor gathered pace overnight.

Web bosses were even forced to shut down a discussion forum on the ITV site through sheer weight of traffic as people accused Cowell of keeping the twins in a bid to keep ratings high by relying on their popular support to see them through on Sunday night.

Last night the suspected wig-wearer claimed that he had no knowledge of how the vote would go and simply struggled to make up his mind.

“I didn’t think either could win so it seemed fair to let the public have their say.

“But I had no idea how the public vote had gone – I never get told what the figures are. I always make my decision based on what I’ve seen.”

There were also complaints about Louis’s two fingered gesture to the audience.

An Ofcom spokesman said: “There are a number of complaints which we’re looking into.”

Surely they slap a fine on Cowell for having bad taste?

jilly says:

Yet again simon you are in my bad books, you are surposed to judge the singers on there performance at that time, and not put it to the public, you leave me with steam coming out of my ears.

I am totally disgusted with Cowell now . I have always had respect for him but no longer. He is only interested in his acts and will do all he can to smear anyone who is a threat to his boys. I will never vote again, neither will I watch the show as it is a farce. Tracie and Lucie are outstanding singers and he agreed so throughout but now only wants to find fault continually with al acts but his own.I dont care anymore who wins as I wont buy the album.

Bonny says:

I sincerely hope this: that the Twins WIN and Simon Coward is forced to give them a record deal. Let him see how talented Jedward are then and how long they last in the real world. Judging by the massive public response to his betrayal of Lucie Jones (by far and away the best singer) and the disgust and dislike of Jedward, only the pre-teens will get their Mums to buy Jedward’s stuff, and then only for a couple of months at most. I truly hope SC loses millions and lives to regret his decisions – let him RUE THE DAY!!!!!

Paul Tan says:

Simon Cowell needs to be taught a lesson:
1 DO NOT vote for his 3 acts however good they are
2 DO NOT support the SYCO label, including Leona’s new single and album (download them from free sites) – however much I love Leona. The money only goes to line SC’s pockets
3 Vote Stacy and Joe.

The whole point of the x -factor structure where the judges are given the privilege to judge the bottom two is to save the better singer. Why bother with this format (which by the way is an interesting format structured to ensure the better singers advance) if SC in the end cops out.
By the way, why is it always SC who votes last and gets to cast the deciding vote?