Ofcom Slams Spoof Top Gear Advert

November 10, 2009 by  
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topgearsorryIf it wasn’t for Dannii Minogue’s gay-bashing, Jeremy Clarkson would have topped the Ofcom complaints table by a mile this year.

But this time it’s his production team that are in trouble with the regulator after 50 people complained about Top Gear’s joke advert that shows a man shooting himself in the head.

It was estimated that around 204,000 children saw the spoof Volkswagen ad and some of them even filed complaints – one lad even contacted the BBC in an attempt to recruit James May for his gang.

“The spoof suicide was graphically depicted on screen with the man holding the gun to his temple and firing and blood splattering into the air after the bloody impact of the gunshot. Its realistic depiction meant that the violent imagery was not appropriately limited,” said Ofcom in its ruling.

“It was precisely because Top Gear is an established entertainment programme which features a typical sort of humour that many viewers – including some adults watching with children – would not have expected such a violent scene to appear.?

“These factors taken together meant that the scene exceeded audience expectations for the programme and led to Ofcom – on balance – to conclude that there was no editorial justification for its inclusion.”

Are Volkswagens really that bad?

Alex says:

“Are Volkswagens really that bad?”

Yup 😛

Gotta wonder if Top Gear are *aiming* to top the list of complaints, they see to get some form of enjoyment out of it in the show haha