Michael Jackson Seance Was Truthful Says Acorah

November 10, 2009 by  
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Derek-Acorah-001Derek has responded to critics of his seance with the late Michael Jackson by claiming his stunt was conducted in “the most honest and truthful way”.

This will come as a surprise to most of us, we thought it was one of the most shameless cash-ins in television history.

When he spoke about the sceptics to Digital Spy, Acorah said: “One of the fans – she looked into my eyes and she could see Michael. Well, he was superimposing himself on me, so she could see.

“The cynical minds – they weren’t there. They were watching it through a television. Had they been there – well all of the crew that were there and some of them were cynical – they all went quiet.

“They said to me afterwards, ‘We don’t understand it but my God. He was definitely there’.”

He then told reporters that he would love to contact Jackson again – but only if someone was willing to pay him apparently.

How honest of him…