X Factor: Fan Outrage At Cowell’s Jedward Support

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simon_cowell_large1So yet another promising vocalist has been unceremoniously booted out of the highly-publicised X Factor compound at the expense of those terrible twins from Dublin.

We’ve seen smaller U-Turns in Rik Waller’s toilet than the one Simon pulled last night and guess what? The inhabitants of tellyland were not best pleased.

Tracey Speke of Bridgnorth, Shropshire told The Sun: “Simon Cowell has ruined his own show. He’s gone too far this time,” and other people were calling for a mass boycott.

One rational viewer said: “He’s pretended to hate the twins but has manipulated the public to vote for them. I’ll never watch X Factor again.”

Things didn’t get much better for Simon as other members of the public started calling his personal integrity into question.

“I have always admired and liked Simon, but tonight I am disgusted with him, I cannot believe he has let Lucie go,” said one blogger.

“Simon has made himself look an idiot. He should have had the guts to get rid of the twins but has turned the show into a joke,” wrote Simon Pugh of Lewes, East Sussex.

But it wasn’t all bad for the twins, one plucky voter posted: “John and Edward DO deserve to stay, and booing from the audience and hatred they’re getting is just appalling!”

If that wasn’t bad enough, did you see the moment that Louis Walsh stuck two fingers up at the audience? Even funnier, we’ve just heard that the sheer weight of X Factor fan traffic to complain has blown up ITV’s X Factor website (ish)! Oh, and Cowell has finally apologised (kind of) and admitted he’s ‘public enemy no.1’ (no poop, sherlock).

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ed says:

LOL ..i am in the states and never heard of x-factor until the twins videos showed up..ive watched everything you all have on you tube..heres my take ..
J& E have no control on whose being knocked out and should not be mad as SCAPEGOATS… the boo’s the slander are ridiculous.. the show put them through..the judges have kept them in and this should not be a personal attack on them…
Simon and company have used them as a publicity stunt and the it is not going to effect the results in the long run 11 acts have to be voted off and they will… so why has this become a crusade against to young boys who are being used by the show for ratings….Blame the show..not them

miles says:

Simply boycott the X Factor – it is a farce and a waste of the nations time, energy and money; we can bring Simon Cowell to his knees by boycotting.

diana says:

Danyl… your brilliant!!!! jedward, plzzz quit the show

This has just confirmed my suspicions that Simon Cowell has prior knowledge of the public vote results……and used that knowledge to oust Lucy. It is obvious to me that he saw Lucy as a strong contender and one who would knock a couple if not more of his so called acts out, by ousting her it has paved an easier route for him to win over the other Judges….and this is where the xfactor is flawed…..after Luie’s comments about Lucy being the last girl standing..he then votes to keep the talentless duo in …….fixed or what!

Lucy was one of my favourites and the way she sang her heart out on Saturday was nothing less than magical and with a song that could very easilly have been written for her…If Danny has anything about her, she will get Lucy to release that as a single before Xmas …..lets see what happens then!

An appalled Maddie xx

Jeff Maplane says:

Some people are just blinded by their own ignorance.

I dont understand all this slagging off of Simon Cowell. I think he did the right thing by letting the voters decide.

If the votes were rigged, it would be a different issue.

But if the votes were fair, I feel Simon did the right thing. Fine he could have gotten rid of them, but in this case he felt the right thing to do was to let the public decide

mark says:

wow, your so wrong, you call your self a judge, LOL,,, no more watching your shows, because you got rid of the best..