X Factor: Cowell Saves Talentless Twins

November 9, 2009 by  
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After weeks of suspicious goings-on in the X Factor house, finally the truth has been revealed – Simon Cowell is nothing more than an amoral but fiendishly successful music entrepreneur.

There were calls of outrage from fans last night after he was seen in a deep discussion with executive producers during an ad-break prior to last night’s sing-off between Lucie and the Grimes twins.


An onlooker said: “They seemed to be discussing what to do. Should they get rid of Lucie, who can obviously sing really well, or finally get rid of the twins?”

Simon was apparently seen scratching his head and looking skyward as if agonising over his decision.

Here at OTB, we’re starting to think that he wears a wig, but that still doesn’t explain his indecisiveness – after all this is the man who vowed to leave the country if the evil twins won.

Dodgy hairpieces aside, last night the X Factor boss inexplicably voted to save John and Edward after their shocking performance of Robbie Williams ‘Rock DJ’, thus fuelling the rumours that he plans to turn them into stars like Zig and Zag.

We think he could have his work cut out to bring them up to their level…