EastEnders: Lucas To Kill Again (With Garden Gnome?)

November 9, 2009 by  
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donYou can usually guarantee that within a month of a child being born in Walford, some poor character will have been knocked-off in a ridiculous or thrilling storyline.

As Mufasa the lion knew all too well, it’s simply the circle of life…

But when we consider that the latest bundle of joy had to be dropped off in the square by a team of storks on strict shift rotation, it becomes apparent that one death might not be enough to appease the gods of soapland.

With Archie set to kick the bucket this Christmas, EastEnders writers have quickly planned the demise of another fringe player – Owen Turner.

So they’ve drafted in fallen preacher Don Gilet to kill the ex-con later this month and bury the body under a tree!

A BBC source told The Daily Mirror newspaper: “Lucas is under the impression that his religious zeal means he can get away with anything. He considers Owen to be bad, and so doesn’t see anything wrong with killing him. Talk about playing God.?

After murdering his wife Trina with a rake we wonder which gardening tool he will be using this time…

Could we be about to witness the first murder by garden gnome in soap history?

Zara says:

Oh , come on! not another one to be killed.. what Lucas did was wrong , and yet no-one knows who killed Trina so come on there has to be someone to say the truth.. Owen cannot leave EastEnders. Lucas isn’t really inportant in the family.. It should be Owen & Denise…. whether Denise likes it or not.